What is the principle difference of your vacuum drying technology from the drying technology in other kilns?

Our company has obtained the European quality certificate of the vacuum kiln production as well as quality certificate for drying of all timber species, including the exotic ones.


Differential peculiarities of our drying technology:

1. The steam is present from the beginning to the end of drying process.

2. The steam outflow from the chamber conforms to the movement gradient of the timber humidity, at the same time the vacuum is constant.

3. The drying temperature does not exceed 65 С degrees.

4. Such technique as the heating up – break is used, difference in the micro-cycle X C degrees, it allows improving the humidity gradient thanks to temperature drops, movement of the internal humidity to the upper drier layers, at the same time moistening them.

5. Natural convection with venting the entire pile, speed up to 1 m/sec, without “still” areas.

6. End of drying according to the humidity outflow 5-6 litres per day, which conforms to 5-6% of the residual moisture in the timber.

7. Devices help orienting in the drying process and the drying service man makes a final solution about ending the drying process.


How does the drying process take place when loading different wood species with varied thickness and humidity?

Timber dries evenly, without defects. It happens owing to the fact that drier timber is not able to dispose moisture because the saturated pressure will not allow it. As well the continuously present steam plays a significant role as it moistures the timber surface.


What method is used for internal stress relieving? Is there a steam generator and   humidity sprays?

We have given up the humidity system as in our vacuum chamber within the drying process timber is located in a natural “steam shirt”, which takes the internal stress off. The drying schedule is made according to a mild regime.


How much time a day is required for control over the drying process?

As a rule, the drying service person must pour moisture off from the receiving tank and observe the readings 1 – 2 times a day.