Increase of efficiency of wood processing productions and use coefficient of local and imported wood species is one of the current tasks.

A new basic wood processing technology is required, which would allow to revise the wood application matters, including low value wood for necessities of wooden house building, furniture production, floors, etc., have a new look at usual constructions and wooden articles, modernize them in line with the new possibilities and modern requirements. 

Such principle innovative technology currently is the thermally modified wood technology, which brings the processing technology and wood products to a new competitive level.

SIA “TERMOWOODEX” has developed and acquired commercial production of plants for thermal modification of wood, which does not have the analogue neither with the local or foreign producers.


The thermal treatment process lasts for 1-24 hours depending on the desired wood colour and what species and cross-section timber is processed.

In our kiln you can realize thermal treatment of timber with thickness of 1 mm to 500 mm and higher, without defects and at minimum costs. Another significant thing is that you can process already finished lined articles.

Our technology allows high-quality of thermal modification of wood both for coniferous and hardwood timber species.

Following the thermal treatment in our plant you get:

1. Geometric stability of articles.

2. The wood does not decay.

3. Insects die in the process of thermal treatment but the extracted sugar will prevent from mould and decay.

4. The wood does not catch moisture which allows constructing houses all year round and in districts with increased humidity, manufacture garden furniture, terrace board and many other things.

5. Articles change colour through the entire depth from brown to dark.

6. For those who manufacture wooden windows will be able to make them from the whole beams both of coniferous and broadleaf species.


Our plant is able to dry and then perform thermal treatment of the construction beam both of the monolith and ready lined construction beam from pine with the section 300 х 300 mm at minimum costs.

Construction of houses from the whole and lined thermally treated beam reduces the cost price and the construction terms decrease. Construction of houses may be done all year round not being afraid of shrinkage, drying of partition walls, aperture of doors and windows.

It is possible to stick the qualitatively dried dry pine with the thermally treated board of any wood species. Such combined beam is able to protect the external part of the house from moisture, the house becomes warmer and you won’t need various lacquers, paints, treatment from mould and fungi. Thermally modified wood is processed with natural wax mastic compounds.

It is seen in the image what irreversible processes take place when the pine is thermally modified, annual rings get narrowed, shrink, at the same time wood hardness is increased several times.

These samples have passed tests in the extreme conditions, namely: the pine beam was placed in a water container for 24 hours, then for two days it was frozen at the temperature – 22 C, afterwards placed in the frozen state into the room with temperature + 35 С. The result exceeded all expectations. The glued joints are safe, there are no segregations between lamellas, no inner splits and void pockets after the sudden temperature drops formed. Wood of any species that has passed thermal modification in our plants is easy to machine and polish. The dried and thermally modified wood in our plant is a new natural eco-friendly material.


Principle advantages of the thermally modified timber compared to the standard timber:

1. Geometrical stability is 15 times higher.
2. Balanced humidity is 5 – 7 times lower.
3. Absolute biological resistance.
4. Thermal qualities are 30% higher.
5. Increased resistance to weather conditions.
6. Specific gravity is 15-40% lower.
7. Decorative features are higher.
8. Durability is 15-20 times higher.


These advantages of thermally treated wood open new wider its application horizons, allow developing new more efficient and competitive constructions of composite materials and articles from timber compared to the typical one.

The raw material base significantly expands as it is possible to use even low value timber. These conditions open absolutely new opportunities in the field of advanced timber processing, which have not been fully assessed yet by wood processors, constructors, producers of finishing materials, floors and furniture.


The thermally treated material excellently resists the sea air. It greatly fits to finishing of decks and yacht and ship cabins. You don’t need expensive teak; it can be perfectly replaced with the ash. Wooden houses can be constructed by the sea, ocean, reservoirs, in subtropical countries with high humidity, high in the mountains and districts with the typical continental climate.

We take orders for thermal treatment of wood from the customer’s material, production of vacuum kilns or universal chambers (two in one).