Production of non-standard equipment:

Vacuum kilns,

Thermal chambers,

Different wood processing equipment,

Grinders, washers, agglomerator machines and other – for reprocessing of plastic materials.

Our services and products made to order (including products out
of reclaimed wood):

Maturity of wood.
Heat treatment of wood.
Solid wood doors.
Door lining.
Wooden tile and floor
for water closets,
kitchen and
swimming pools.
Sauna trimming.
Furniture and interiors.
Kitchen suits.
Garden furniture.
Panels for exterior trim
of buildings.
Sport equipment and
fitness machines.
Anti-noise barriers for
highways, fences.

Casks with storing capacity from 10 to 200 l.

Swimming pools, capacity from 1000 to 5000 l.

  One of “TERMOWOODEX” field of activities is drying, thermal treatment and manufacturing of articles from different wood species. Principle products: floor and terrace boards, lining, lamellas, panels, finishing profiles, doors, ladders, kitchen furniture, studies, etc. We heat-treat logs up to 50 cm in diameter and more, lamellas – from 1 mm thick.
  It is possible to assemble houses from heat-treated saw timber or logs and move in such houses immediately, there is not need to wait for several years while the house dries and settles. We also heat-treat previously agglutinated articles, plywood and whole articles.

We execute individual orders both using our own and customer’s raw materials.   

Our address:


7143, Sloka, Jurmala, Latvia LV-2011

Phone  +371_29205280

Fax +371_67811595



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