One of the lines of our company's activities is construction, reconstruc-tion and restoration of ancient buildings of wooden art.

We are capable not only to build a new house but totally restore an old house in its original way including the details of finishing.



100% quality and accuracy of structures are guaranteed by new production lines Hundegger, Forma Machinery, Mida and Termowoodex. 

Factory – made and marked.

Components of wooden houses are scrupulously packed.

Material quality is guaranteed by certified wood suppliers from Latvia and Finland.

A house manufacturing time - only several days.

Ideal shaping of joists and unique abutting methods.

Houses may be built out of
reclaimed wood.



Natural “noble” tone coloring along total section and structure.

Reclaimed wood does not bloat
under increased moisture.

Stable geometry of constructions.

Compression strength higher by 50%.

Absolute bio-persistence.

Increase in hardness by 10-30%.

Thermal insulation properties
higher by 30%.

Specific gravity less by 15-40%.