Price calculation is done according to the individual customer order.

The prices may change depending on the length of the chamber.
The chambers may be from 4.2 to 18.4 metres long.


The non-standard configuration n includes:

1. Chamber - 1 pc.

2. Charging car - 1 pc.

3. Access ways -1 pc.

4. Semi-automatic operating console - 1 pc.


Additional options:

1. Prolonged access ways.

2. Additional charging cars.

3. Steps and platforms at the access ways.

4. Automatic operating console.

5. Thermal camera cooling system.


Additional information about chambers:

·         For purchase of 2 pieces - 3 % discount, 3 pieces - 4 % discount, 4 and more pieces - 5 %.

Thermal treatment, drying and the aforementioned chamber production and technology rights are protected by patent and the company “TERMOWOODEX” is the official producer on the territory of Europe and America.

For any questions related to purchase or production of the vacuum kilns please contact:


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