Our company already for several years has been dealing with development of new technologies and production of kilns and thermal treatment of wood. The scope of application of our kilns is very wide – they are used not only for desiccation of wood but also of vegetables, fruit, sea products, foam plastics, etc. Only in out kilns you can simultaneously dry sawn wood of various sections and species. For the moment only in our thermal chambers it is possible to process logs with diameter of 550 mm and more, lamellas starting from thickness of 1 mm without defects and at minimum costs.

    Unusually low cost price of the drying process of hard wood species and thermal treatment in combination with a low price of kilns favourably compare our equipment to similar equipment from other producers.

    Study are home page and you will understand everything yourself. Write or call us if you have any questions.

Yevgeny Gordy,

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